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Highly experienced Hawkeye Bird Control specialists will remove nuisance birds from your London based business or home and stop them returning. 
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Our team of skilled and trained experts have decades of experience removing pest bird problems for London businesses and homes - safely and swiftly. With Hawkeye Bird Control you get real value for money and 100% peace of mind. That’s because we get it right first time. We’re regarded as the leading pest control company in London for our nuisance bird expertise – seagulls, pigeons and starlings.


The Hawkeye Bird Control team have many years experience working on a diverse range of buildings and on many development sites in London at all stages of construction. This is important because a building of architectural significance may have the same pest bird problem as a residential apartment block under construction - however the recommended treatments will vary.


Commercial buildings and homes in London are prime targets for birds to nest and roost. This places the human occupants at risk of attack especially when seagulls are nesting and highly protective of their young.  An experienced, specially trained Hawkeye Bird Control expert will survey your home or building free of charge and recommend a combination of proven and trusted solutions.


Hawkeye Bird Control is a longstanding member of The British Pest Control Association. We take our responsibilities to you and the people in your buildings or home seriously. Our specialists will look at the purpose of your building including its heritage; the importance placed on maintaining aesthetics so that proofing is discreet. If external proofing is required and your building or caretaking teams need assistance  our team will work alongside them.

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When anti-perching products fail, it's usually because the surfaces they were affixed to were not professionally cleaned before application or they were not applied by a professional.  Professional cleaning is a service we provide and it is undertaken to the strictest environmental standards. Our technicians remove all traces of fouling from walkways, roof tops, loft and roof voids and tank rooms and safely dispose of all nests.

Professional Cleaning of Guano (bird droppings)

Services provided to businesses and homes in the London area

Netting excludes birds from large open areas and is vital in protecting equipment such as air conditioning units. A successful deterrent, it’s important that bird netting is professionally installed because birds take advantage of a poorly hung net. Our team are often called upon to repair or replace nets that have been shoddily installed. Hawkeye Bird Control experts install netting under bridges to prevent birds from nesting in the support structure; under eaves; in lofts; around parapets and many other areas as they can be fitted horizontally and vertically.  The nets we supply and install come in various mesh sizes to suit the species of problem bird. We also install the Bird-Scape® netting system. Pigeons will disappear whilst netting is being installed but when in situ; they may reappear trapped behind the net. This system enables birds of any size to safely escape from the netting. Birds will fly out through the Bird-Scape but cannot get back in.  

Netting including the Bird-Scape® netting system

Fitted properly netting will keep out even the most persistent birds and will last for many years.

Hawkeye Bird Control specialists clean and proof solar panels for local and national businesses and homeowners in the London area.  They will professionally clean all panels prior to protecting them and  will remove all nests and droppings. Pigeon droppings covering just half of one panel can cause a 50% drop in energy conversion of the entire solar panel system - and can cause aluminium frames to rot.

Solar Panel Cleaning and Proofing

Our solar panel protection systems are non-penetrating – they won’t invalidate your warranty or affect the performance of your solar panel systems. Our UV polycarbonate clips won’t scratch the surface. We use professional grade ‘invisible’ mesh fitted tightly to protect the perimeter of the system. Pigeons can no longer enter or become trapped when they try to.

While it can be used on almost any building, a sprung wire system is the proofing of choice for ornate buildings because it is more discreet than netting. The stainless steel wire is tensioned on springs so that birds attempting to land on it are pushed off.  Wires are a cost effective method of bird proofing as they are long lasting. For example some buildings in London have had their wire system installed for over 20 years. Minor damage is inexpensive and straightforward to repair. Our team can even install wires where access is required by people as the wires will simply spring back if walked on.  However, they must be installed correctly by a professional in order to work.

Sprung Wire Systems

Bird spikes are effective in deterring pigeons and larger birds. They are commonly used on parapet walls, ledges, roof lines, windowsills, signage and other narrow surfaces that birds land on. We install different grades and size of spikes, the choice of which will depend on the extent of your nuisance bird problem and the aesthetics of your building.

Bird spikes

Extensively tested worldwide Fire Gel has been approved by the RSPB and the Health and Safety Executive. It’s invaluable in situations where it’s not possible to use traditional bird spikes and netting. For example when health and safety legislation would be contravened or the aesthetics of the building require a more subtle treatment regime.  It is waterproof and will withstand any temperature without deterioration. The product appears as a gel to humans but to pigeons that see ultraviolet light it resembles flames and so deters them from landing on their favourite buildings. The non toxic combination of herbal oils within the product makes it abhorrent to a bird's sense of smell and taste. It produces a stinging sensation (comparable to stinging nettles on humans) causing only minor discomfort until the effects wear off. The active ingredients are food grade natural oils making it safe to use around food manufacturing plants or anywhere biocides might cause problems. It can be used on sills, roofs, ledges - most parts of a building.

Fire Gel

Electrified shock track systems are another discreet ledge and roof top system. They are an alternative to bird spikes and are effective in deterring all species of birds.

New discreet and harmless electric deterrent systems

Roosting pigeons and other nuisance birds often come back to the same area even after an intensive clean. A bird of prey released at random intervals, combined with other treatments can ensure that your premises remain free of nuisance birds.

Hawking services and birds of prey

These are audio systems that mimic the nuisance bird in distress, for example, so that the flock is under the impression that a predator has caught one of them. They can also mimic the sound of a predator and will scare the pest birds into flight. We also deplay laser deterrent systems in suitable locations.

Bird Scaring Systems

Sometimes the extent of the pigeon problem is such that trapping and shooting is needed to bring the problem under control. It's most effective however when used in combination with other preventive treatments such as netting and spiking.  Shooting and trapping should only ever be used as a short-term solution to a potentially long-term problem.

Humane trapping and shooting

Urban gulls are protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. So culling can only be undertaken if there is a threat to public health and safety or to aircraft. But the seagull problem in London is huge with so many open spaces, sources of food and water and places to perch and breed. Therefore for these nuisance birds we use a combination of the treatments outlined above.
Hawkeye Bird Control specialists are trained and qualified to the highest levels established by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). Abseiling is a proven, flexible and cost efficient way to access those hard to reach locations where pest birds are present and causing damage. It is often a better and more cost effective alternative to scaffolding.




Please do not overlook this essential service because traces of fouling can become airborne sometimes making their way into air condition systems and spreading disease far and wide. People can slip on unclean walkways and rooftops.  Nests are home to mites. Droppings carry disease that can be easily transmitted from bird and mite to humans such as Avian Flu, Ornothosis, Slamonella and Meningitis.