Fire Gel for Pest Birds

‘Fire Gel’ for pest birds including feral pigeons

This is a pioneering, humane and highly effective pest bird treatment.

Extensively tested worldwide Fire Gel has been approved by the RSPB and the Health and Safety Executive. It is proving invaluable in situations where it is not possible to use traditional bird spikes and netting (for example when such use would contravene health and safety legislation or the aesthetics of the building require a more subtle and unobtrusive treatment regime).

  • When professionally applied by your Hawkeye Bird Control technician each treatment lasts at least 2 years before it needs replacing, making it a cost effective preventative treatment.
  • It is waterproof and so will withstand any temperature – freezing winters and hot summers, without any deterioration in its effectiveness. It does not evaporate.
  • The product appears as an orange gel to humans but to pigeons that see ultraviolet light it resembles flames and so deters them from landing on their favourite buildings.
  • The combination of herbal oils within the product makes it abhorrent to a bird's sense of smell and taste. However it is non toxic making it an environmentally responsible product.
  • Should a bird or other pest come into direct contact with the Fire Gel it produces a stinging sensation (comparable to stinging nettles on humans). It will cause no lasting injury but will cause minor discomfort until the effects wear off.
  • The active ingredients are food grade natural oils making it safe to use around food manufacturing plants or anywhere biocides might cause problems.
  • It can be used on sills, roofs, ledges - most parts of a building.

It has been extensively tested worldwide in airports, railway stations, commercial and domestic buildings including the iconic Roof Gardens in London with success. Contact us for a free site survey if pest birds are a problem.

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