Falconry is a natural, humane and environmentally friendly solution to pest bird problems.  A bird of prey is an effective scarer of birds including Seagulls and Pigeons. It creates panic and confusion and so encourage birds to migrate elsewhere.  Our birds of prey are selected because they can work effectively in environments that are not their natural habitat – the London Skyline, for example is very different to that of the open countryside!  

We use many different falconry bird techniques to ensure that your building (both exterior and interior) remains free of pest birds on an ongoing basis. We use Hawks and Falcons as appropriate often in combination with other treatments including digital distress signal calls and blank firing devices.    For falconry services to be effective they must be established over a period of time; one treatment will have an immediate effect but it is unlikely to last when the pest birds realise it is safe to return.

We will undertake a thorough risk assessment before recommending the most appropriate pest bird management regime in a detailed method statement.


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