Electronic Bird Deterrent Systems

Discreet, versatile and extremely effective, electronic bird deterrent systems have an almost universal application and can be applied on a huge range of surfaces. They will effectively and humanely remove birds from your building or structure. These systems have the maximum effect on pest birds but the minimum impact on your building. The primary principle is movement and a very low level sound which creates panic whether birds are in flocks or isolated.

These systems run off low voltage supply and low air pressure making them safe in most work environments. Because these systems only work on demand, running costs are low and wear and tear is minimised. Within just a few days of the system being installed, the birds will learn that the protected building is not a good place to be and will go elsewhere. From time to time whilst other birds will try and roost on your building, they too will learn to go elsewhere.

These systems are effective on the most common pest birds including seagulls, starlings and feral pigeons. The systems are incredibly discreet (pipes and boxes can be coloured to blend into the environment), making them an ideal choice for historic buildings and hotels. They are very popular with architects. The systems can be fitted to locations that are not suitable for any other type of proofing method including flat roofs, pitch roofs, domed roofs, arched roofs, ledges and towers.

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