Bird Spikes

Humane, cost effective and effective Bird spikes stop birds including Pigeons and Seagulls from roosting in many areas of your building including window ledges and gutters. Bird spikes do not harm pest birds – they are thin pieces of wire or plastic protruding from a central strip thereby making it impossible for a bird to land (if you have an ornate building of some architectural significance bird spikes may not be appropriate – we will advise of more visibly discreet alternative treatments).  We use stainless steel bird spikes in preference to plastic ones which attract diesel soot and turn black over time (making them highly visible).

Stainless steel spikes:

  • Don’t rust – they keep their strength and last many years
  • Are exceptionally strong – they’ll withstand being stood on and survive anything the British weather can throw at them
  • Can be used efficiently and effectively on virtually any nesting and gathering area for birds including window sills, gutters, roof ledges, awnings and doorway edging

Bird spikes are an environmentally friendly permanent humane pest bird prevention solution that can be used in combination with other treatments or on their own. They should always be installed by a qualified bird specialist professional.

We will undertake a thorough survey and risk assessment before recommending the most appropriate pest bird management regime in a detailed proposal.

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