Bird Scaring Systems

Bird scaring systems are audio systems that work by mimicking the pest bird in distress so that the flock is under the impression that a predator has caught one of them. They can also mimic the sound of a predator again scaring the pest birds into flight. We also use audio scaring systems which emit loud and frightening noises at random intervals unsettling the pest birds into flight. The systems that we use are played out at a natural volume and so are realistic and considerate of the environment. Once the pest birds sense that danger is present, they will disperse.

Bird scaring systems can be used on their own or as part of a regime of pest bird management treatments. It depends on the extent of your pest bird problem. These systems are efficient and cost effective requiring very little maintenance - provided they are professionally installed. Hawkeye Bird Control technicians will advise if a bird scaring system is a solution to your pest bird problem but only after conducting a thorough site survey.


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