Unfortunately birds will disappear whilst netting is being installed. Then, when the netting is in situ, they will reappear - now trapped behind the net. This can be a distressing sight for all concerned and having to call upon your pest bird specialist to release the trapped birds is an unforseen expense. But you can’t leave birds in great distress trapped behind the net.

The solution to this problem is Bird-Scape.  Hawkeye Bird Control have been using this pioneering system for some time now and can vouch for its effectiveness in allowing birds of any size to safely escape from the netting. The genius is that birds will fly out through the Bird-Scape but they will not be able to get back.  It is the solution to birds that become trapped at a later date if netting access zips are left open by third parties or maintenance staff. Hawkeye bird control specialists usually install at least one Bird- Scape into every net. We will confirm the exact number required but only if after conducting a thorough site survey we recommend netting as a solution to your pest bird problem.

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