Bird Netting

Bird netting is a cost effective and proven method for protecting your building from pest birds that nest or roost at night. It can be used to deter the most common pest birds including seagulls, pigeons, starlings and sparrows.

Netting is a flexible solution. With expert and guaranteed installation by Hawkeye Bird Control the net is virtually invisible. Because netting can be fitted horizontally and vertically it can be installed under bridges to prevent birds from nesting in the support structure, used under eaves, in lofts, around parapets and over rooftop plants. Netting can cover an entire roof area and the elevation of the largest buildings. Nets come in various mesh sizes to suit the species of problem bird and the area to be netted. A properly fitted net of the right durability and quality will keep out the most persistent birds for many years.

Hawkeye Bird Control can also install the Bird-Scape system into your netting. Bird-Scape provides an effective one-way escape route for birds of any size enabling the bird to escape the netting in seconds. The bird cannot fly back in. Irrespective of where the bird is trapped they find the exit point that has been created with Bird-Scape. We recommend that Bird-Scape is fitted into every net to ensure that trapped birds can escape easily.

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