Herring Gulls No Longer Just a Seaside Menace

They can tear open bags of rubbish with their razor sharp beaks, hurl pebbles from a great height at passers-by and terrify couples cosying up to fish and chips in the park. For these reasons and more, it’s hardly unsurprising the herring gull does not make it onto Britain’s best loved bird list.

And you don’t have to be- beside- the- seaside to suffer a herring gull attack or, for your business premises to bear the very visible signs of guana (their unsightly disease spreading bird fouling. It covers window ledges, air conditioning units and scaffolding. And it turns a pavement into a skating rink at the first sign of rain). No with the UK being the takeaway capital of the world, there’s plenty of food available for these not so feathered friends. Herring gulls are happily heading inland. Ralph Izod Hawkeye Managing Director said, “herring gulls are menacing birds capable of wreaking havoc and terror .But they’re also a protected species. As bird control specialists we have to find effective ways to minimise their harmful impact on individuals and businesses. There’s rarely one solution that will keep these birds at bay. We have to take an integrated approach to the problem. This may include installing discrete netting, fitting sprung wire systems, applying gels that repel the birds from landing on Sills, parapets and ledges and hawking.”

If herring gulls or any other pest birds are causing problems for you, please get in touch to arrange a complimentary survey with one of our qualified and accredited Hawkeye pest birds specialists.

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