The Second Hawk-eye at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships 2015

If you’re a Wimbledon fan you may well have seen hawks patrolling the skies over the hallowed courts, deterring pest pigeons from roosting on any part of this iconic venue. His remit is to ensure that players and visitors enjoy uninterrupted tennis (weather permitting of course!).

“For many years hawks have been used as a highly effective and humane pest bird deterrent,” said Ralph Izod Managing Director, Hawkeye Bird Control. “And hawking is especially in demand in London which boasts so many stunning buildings, residential, commercial and cultural with many providing a roosting haven for pest pigeons and other birds such as starlings. The good news is our falconers do not aim to kill pest birds; far from it. The hawks are used to scare them away on a regular basis so they cannot roost. However, we know from experience that hawking should be used as part of a holistic and integrated approach to successfully managing pest birds. Our starting point for any client is a survey, conducted by one of our experienced surveyors. They document the full extent of the problem and only then recommend the treatment which could encompass the installation of bird friendly netting, bird spikes, electronic deterrent systems and fire gel; as well as hawking. The hawks act as a visual deterrent and are quite magnificent to see, circling the building or area they’re charged with protecting. We use a variety of birds depending on the location and the building.”


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