Period Building in Trafalgar Square

Why a New Net was so Necessary...

Our client, the facilities manager of an exquisite period building in Trafalgar Square was paying dearly for the consequences of an unprofessionally installed net and so called upon our expertise.

Upon inspection it was clear that the net had been installed badly:

•    The height was not at the correct level  - the result being that when the engineers had to gain access to the air-conditioning units they were tearing the net as they moved underneath it.

•    The strain bearing wires responsible for holding the net at the in shape and at the right tension were inadequate for the task and so the net was sagging. The wind was then able to cause the net to tear.  The combination of snow and heavy rain was also causing the net to sag.

•    Poor quality materials had been used in the construction of the net. For example the metal uprights  were not made of galvanised steel and because the saw and drill points had not been treated they were rusting. Wood struts had been used in key places as a cheaper alternative to steel, all rotting.

•    A number of very expensive repairs had been made to the net over the last couple of years, again using cheap materials.

The net result (pardon the pun) was that pest birds were gaining access to the rooftop plant through the many entry points in the net and the air-conditioning units (each one 6 feet in height) were now covered in bird fouling.

What did we do?

We replaced the net using a robust structure with the right amount of strain bearing wire, stations of the correct height and capable of lasting many years in the wind and weather to hold the shape of the net and to support it, even when wet or covered in snow. The high quality durable materials used to construct the net will ensure that it lasts for many years with minimal maintenance. The appearance of the building from the street is now much more aesthetically pleasing and the engineers can work freely beneath the net.

This was achieved at a cost that was significantly less than the cost of the repairs that had been made to repair the poorly installed net over the last four years.

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