‘Foul Play’ by Killer London Seagull...

As most Londoners will attest, pigeons are a problem especially in the heart of the City where discarded food and places to perch are in plentiful supply. Alas there’s no one magic pill to cure the problems posed by pest pigeons (which include disease-spreading fouling on walkways, window sills and around air conditioning units). An extraordinary source of help in keeping the pigeon population down has emerged in the unlikely shape of an aggressive seagull – branded a ‘killer seagull’ no less by visitors observing its tactics at close range in Hyde Park. According to The Mail Online: “Visitors to the popular tourist spot said that the bird catches pigeons by the neck and then pulls them into the water, where they drown, after which it shares the remains with its mates.”

The seagull described by a regular visitor to the park as ‘squat and muscular like a bodybuilder’ is not new to Hyde Park. Indeed in the last 5 years it has been spotted on a regular basis by bird blogger Ralph Hancock.
“This is an astonishing story,” said James Baker, Senior Surveyor at Hawkeye Bird Control. “And not least because the diet of this particular type of seagull usually consists of insects, small fish and crustaceans - not pigeons!”

“Seagulls can be very aggressive” continues James. “I have been called out to sites where they have been attacking pedestrians in a bid to steal their food. Indeed for one London based client they were pelting pedestrians with the stones from their flat roof, where they are often used as protective layer on London buildings.”

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