Effective pest bird control for office blocks in London

Hawkeye Bird Control

Hawkeye Bird Control’s expertise is regularly sought by facilities managers responsible for the maintenance of office blocks including those of significant architectural and historical interest and modern purpose-built office blocks.  We offer a consistently high quality, responsive and cost-effective service.

Facilities management companies use our services to combat the following pest bird problems and more:

  • Bird fouling to the rooftop plant.  Your rooftop plant may be shielded but without netting, it remains exposed to pest birds, attracted to the sheltered space - an ideal habitat for nesting, perching and roosting.   The plant can become contaminated through nesting material and bird fouling.  For example, airborne particles of droppings can be sucked into and distributed internally through your air conditioning units, posing the threat of legionnaire’s disease.  Bird fouling must be cleaned by a bird proofing specialist using licensed professional grade materials and wearing the appropriate health and safety clothing as opposed to your maintenance staff.  The smallest traces of fouling left after a proprietary clean will act as a magnet for the pest birds to return. Your maintenance staff should not undertake this specialist task for health and safety reasons.  
  • Bird droppings can build up on the building signage, exterior walls of the office block, windows and the uncovered/semi open walkways, light wells and skylights. Bird fouling is unsightly, it smells and it’s a health and safety risk to the occupants of your office block.  
  • Bird carcasses and bird fouling block gutters and hoppers, left unchecked this can cause flooding and damp problems.
  • Cross contamination - if the pest bird problem is allowed to continue, the build up of Bird will attract other pests including cockroaches and flies. Nesting material also attracts biting insects.  What started out as a pest bird problem externally rapidly escalates to a pest problem internally.

Hawkeye Bird Control

Hawkeye Bird specialists have over 50 years’ experience treating pest birds in office blocks.   We are fully accredited (IRATA, CHAS, Safe Contractor, Constructionline and members of the National Pest Technicians Association).  Our abseiling specialists are qualified to IRATA level II.

Contact us today for a bespoke site survey undertaken by an experienced specialist Hawkeye surveyor.

Our survey will include identifying and recommending how your office block can be bird proofed and, your pest bird problem effectively managed whether you have one office block in need of our services or several.

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