Effective pest bird control for London Hotels

Whether your hotel is a grade one listed building, a modern and purpose-built venue, a boutique style property, you are independent or part of a national hotel chain, if pest birds are a problem for your hotel we can help!

Hawkeye Bird Control In our experience pest bird problems associated with hotels include:

The unsightly build up of bird fouling in the fire escapes, the light wells, skylights and on external plant such as your air conditioning units.  Did you know that dried bird fouling dispersed through your air conditioning units pollutes the air and carries the risk of legionnaire’s disease?

  • Pest birds attacking foodstuffs being delivered to your kitchen.
  • Fouling on hard to reach sills, hotel signage, exterior walls, and stairwells.
  • Bird fouling on outdoor seating areas. Likely to deter potential customers looking for a bite to eat.  A combination of bird fouling and light rain can turn an external floor into a skating rink. Bird fouling must be cleaned by an experienced pest bird specialist if all traces are to be removed and the risk of infection eliminated.
  • Pest birds attacking customers whilst eating.  Seagulls can be aggressive and pigeons a nuisance. 
  • The risk of additional pest infestation- Bird fouling attracts flies and cockroaches whilst nesting material attracts bird mite.
  • Presenting an unpleasant image. Bird droppings on expensive signage and your hotel’s fascia are unattractive and a health and safety hazard.

Hawkeye Bird specialists have over 50 years’ experience treating pest birds and the problems they cause in hotels.  We are fully accredited (IRATA, CHAS, Safe Contractor, Constructionline and members of the National Pest Technicians Association).

Our abseiling specialists are qualified to IRATA level III.  

Contact us today for a bespoke site survey undertaken by an experienced specialist Hawkeye surveyor.   Our survey will include identifying and recommending how your hotel can be bird proofed and, your pest bird problem effectively managed.

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