Environmental Policy

Hawkeye Bird Control strives to achieve environmental sustainability in all our operations. As a minimum, we are committed to complying with all relevant legislation and regulations, and in practice we aim to maximise our positive contributions to sustainability and minimise our harmful impacts. As part of our Quality Management System, we are committed to continually improving our environmental performance in both the short and longer term.

As a bird control company, we recognise that our key environmental impacts include disposal of waste, contaminated and hazardous materials; use of chemicals; handling, use or disposal of other possible pollutants; transport usage; energy generation and usage; and other resources connected with our office and administrative operations (paper, stationery, printers, communication methods and purchasing). In addition, we recognise that as part of our sphere of influence, one of our impacts can be encouraging staff, suppliers and customers to improve their own environmental practices and behaviours.

Our specific objectives for the forthcoming year are:

  • To carry out environmental impact risk assessments at all work sites
  • To comply with all Environmental legislation, including the Environmental Protection Act 1990; the Control of Pollution and Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations; the Hazardous Waste Regulations; and all other Regulations and Statutes relating to Asbestos, use of PPE, Clean A etc.
  • To ensure our knowledge and application of legislation stays current throughout the year
  • To plan van/car journeys effectively to reduce mileage and unnecessary journeys
  • To encourage staff to walk, cycle or use public transport wherever feasible and safe to do so
  • To measure our use of energy, water, paper and toner in the office in order to set specific reduction targets in future years
  • To implement a "switch off" policy of all idle equipment both in the office and on site when not in use, and as a minimum overnight
  • To recycle paper, glass, card and cans as far as possible
  • To reduce waste by printing double sided and by using non-disposable crockery
  • To use our buying power wherever practicable to source products and services which are local, fair-trade, recycled, energy efficient or from sustainable sources
  • To use e-mail and e-invoicing where possible to reduce paper-based communications.
  • To continue exclusively deploy low emission vehicles throughout the company
  • To use Streetcar to reduce the number of vehicles in the business
  • To continue to service the majority of our clients by public transport and to increase the areas of London that we can service in this way.
  • A copy of this policy and training on our approach is given to all staff as part of their induction on joining the company. Refresher training is also provided during the year. The policy is also available on request to suppliers, clients and customers.

    All persons working for Hawkeye Bird Control are expected to act in accordance with this policy as part of their contract of employment.

    Our objectives and targets will be measured and reviewed annually to ensure the policy continues to be appropriate and effective in practice.



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