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Hawkeye Bird Control is one of the UK’s most experienced and qualified pest bird specialists. We provide environmentally friendly, humane and discrete bird deterrent solutions to any pest bird problem in any environment – commercial and residential.

If pest birds including pigeons and seagulls are causing a nuisance – perhaps they are a danger to your staff, customers and visitors – maybe their droppings are making your building unsafe and unsightly, contact us today for expert advice.

Hawkeye Bird Control

You can trust Hawkeye Bird Control. We have over 50 years experience in effectively treating pest bird problems for many buildings ranging from football stadiums, factories and architecturally significant buildings to office blocks, museums, hotels, members clubs and more. Our technicians carry the highest accreditations too.

We offer the complete range of ethical and humane bird proofing preventative treatments including falconry, netting, spikes and electronic deterrents. Our qualified technicians also remove bird droppings from every area of your building including the areas that are a magnet for pest birds to roost and nest and that you can’t always see.

Before recommending any pest bird treatments, a Hawkeye Bird Control technician will undertake a thorough on site survey of your building or site at no charge. This is crucial - it reveals the full extent of your pest bird problem and details the recommended treatment regime.

Hawkeye Bird Control

Hawkeye Bird Control technicians have many years experience working on a diverse range of buildings and on many construction sites. This is important. For example a building of architectural significance may have the same pest bird problem as an apartment block but the treatments recommended will most likely vary. We always take into full consideration the purpose of the building, and the importance that is placed on maintaining its aesthetics.

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Herring Gulls No Longer Just a Seaside Menace

They can tear open bags of rubbish with their razor sharp beaks, hurl pebbles from a great height at passers-by and terrify couples cosying up to fish and chips in the park. For these reasons and more, it’s hardly unsurprising the herring gull does not make it onto Britain’s best loved bird list.

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